Glass Samples generally used in the production of Stained Glass Windows

The glass samples shown represent just a small selection of the colours available, they do however cover the most common colours used in our work, giving a good, usable range suitable for most applications and also providing an authentic match to stained glass of the Victorian, Edwardian and Pre-War period.

The glass we use tends to fall into three main categories, we use a variety of these to best effect in all of our work, choosing colour depth and texture to suit your requirements.

Machine Drawn Cathedral

A variety of textures and colours that suit general lead light work and victorian reproductions.

Hand Rolled Cathedral

Available in the same colour ranges as machine drawn but with more variation due to its hand made qualities. The glass is an exact reproduction of victorian hand rolled glass with a variation of texture with many "reams" and "seeds".

Mouthblown Antique
& Flashed Glass

Made by blowing a gather of molten glass into a cylinder which is then split and flattened into a sheet. This is an age old technique that produces a smooth glass with striations and seeds. It is available in hundreds of colours including streakies.





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